New Setup Kali – Some issues (Solved)

Now that I have the Metasploit certificate in hand it is time to setup the new section. Next certification.


There is a course available through Cybrary. Also, I wanted to do this via a fresh installation.

New Kali installation proved to be a bit of a challenge. 1st issue was Kali install via USB failed. “Not detecting the CDROM.”

Had a similar issue in the past and a quick Google solved the issue by removing the USB for 30 seconds. Plugging it back in and waiting 30 seconds. Then continue the installation.

This time it didn’t work. The other Google results where Rufus to be used for writing the image to USB and during the installation, open a terminal and altering the mount points were also fruitless.

Wrote the image to DVD and tried again. DVD did not want to boot….

Solution I found: Boot with the live USB. As it is booting insert the DVD. Install as normal. I takes a bit longer but my Kali was installed and ready for for setup.

Booted the new installation and then…… apt-get update did not work…. Checked the /etc/apt/sources.list and no sources were added. # out CDROM entries only. Visited the Kali page to get the resources urls and then had a “Sources has no release file” and thus I could not update, upgrade && dist-upgrade.

Booted the Kali installed on my other flash drive (Yes. an actual installation on USB). A quick apt update proved to work. Checked the /etc/apt/sources.list via nano again. Noted the changes and rebooted into the fresh Kali system.

Edited the soutrces.list and voila! Updated, upgraded and ready for the post installation programs and Nessus.

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