Lets start with my most favourite.


People always freak out when they see my password length. 24 characters in length. Well, my usual answer is: “That is the short one”. That’s no lie. The long one is 54 characters in length. But more on that a bit later. Oh, and they vary as well with different combinations.

“How do you remember it??” always the second question. It’s actually very, very simple.

The first key is: Choose a short sentence which might be funny to you. Also, if you have a different language than English: USE IT!

Let’s do an Afrikaans one:

Jannie kan nie spel nie.

Combine the words together and spell it differently:


The key is to make deliberate spelling errors. I believe this will throw off any dictionary bruteforce attack. The above password, I believe, will already be quite effective for a decent password.

Now, add at least one special character if you would like to make it more complex. Anything you like. We will use @ for this example


Keep in mind the capital remains at the beginning of the sentence. You can substitute any one of them for a capital. Checking the password in kaspersky states the password will be bruteforced by an average home computer in :”10000+ centuries”. Tested at this link:

(DISCLAIMER: NEVER use or test your own personal or anybody else’s password in any password checking site. I will not be held responsible if you do and get yourself or anybody else compromised.)

OK then! With that out of the way. Let’s make it even more complex. Substitute all “i” for 1 and “e” for 3


Does that seem ok to you? I know it looks a bit daunting to remember but after typing it a few times for a few days, it will almost be like muscle memory kicking in.

To enhance it a bit further we can let’s say add =01 at the end:


To change your password on a regular basis is a very good idea. So =01 can become =02. Or count down from =100. Don’t only use =. Other characters can also be incorporated.

That password can also be the baseline for all you accounts. For instance:



Even the most simple line above can be utilized:


This simple line “Jannie@kanispjelnie” is by itself already 19 characters in length.

In short then: Let your imagination run wild and get a good sentence you will not easily forget. Spell it incorrectly. Remember at least on capital letter and one special one. Do not use pet or family names. Those has the potential be social engineered and might get cracked eventually.

And there you go. From basic to making it more complex and not easy to forget!

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